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Love to drive
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Provider of events with driving components of all kinds in South Tyrol

Driving Experience Südtirol is your provider for extraordinary driving experiences in South Tyrol.

Our offer includes multi-faceted driving programmes (training and tours) in the areas of onroad, offroad and snow, which take place at unique driving locations in South Tyrol. Our exclusively marketed infrastructure includes the Safety Park in Bolzano, the Offroad Park in Val Pusteria and the Winter Park in the Merano Highlands. Thanks to ideal geographical and climatic conditions, we offer driving opportunities all year round. Depending on your needs, instructors, mechanics, tour guides and event managers can be booked. On request, we can also take care of hospitality services such as hotel and restaurant bookings as well as the planning of a supporting programme.

As a provider of driving experiences and events with a driving component, our portfolio ranges from driving training and guided tours in the South Tyrolean Dolomites to special B2B event formats such as corporate events, team events, incentives or product presentations, vehicle demonstrations, road shows, sales training, press days and experience workshops.

Furthermore, we are your professional partner for the areas of driving safety, driver testing, and testing in the Alpine region of Northern Italy.

Love to drive.

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Three exclusive training locations for your driving experience

Driving Experience South Tyrol has exclusive access to the varied Safety Park South Tyrol in Bolzano, the challenging Offroad Park in Val Pusteria and the action-packed Winter Park in the Merano Highlands. These three training locations provide a unique combination of professional driver training and spectacular tour experiences. The following illustrations give you an overview of the driving areas and the different route sections. Regardless of your starting point, they offer you direct access to the breathtaking mountain world of South Tyrol.

Love to drive.

Key facts:

  • 3 driving locations (onroad, offroad & snow)
  • A total of 21 training tracks on over 90 hectares of terrain
  • Business center for events up to 300 persons
  • Extensive charging infrastructure
  • Central location with first-class accessibility
  • From all driving locations: Direct access to the South Tyrolean mountains
Safety Park
Offroad Park
Winter Park


Driving training in Alto Adige - Get ready to action

Driving Experience Alto Adige offers a wide range of training courses in which you can improve your driving skills according to your needs. Each driving training course is led by experienced instructors. And no matter which training you choose in the end - fun is always guaranteed!

At the Safety Park Alto Adige, a professional Driving Experience surrounding awaits you. In modern meeting rooms, you will be taught the theory of driving dynamics and driving safety before the training, and a restaurant as well as a small café invite you to "decelerate after acceleration" at the end of the training.

Love to drive.

Training courses:

  • Safety Training
  • Performance Training
  • Offroad Training
  • Tour-Warm-Up
  • Drift-Training
  • Winter-Training
  • Electric Driving
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Tours in South Tyrol – Outstanding and Unforgettable

Touring and driving in South Tyrol means pure driving pleasure: bending mountain roads, amazing serpentines, impressive mountains, and picturesque panoramic roads.

Driving Experience Alto Adige has put together the best routes for you, from well-known main paths to hidden beauties. Furthermore, our experienced instructors will always be with you and assist you with advice, action, and local knowledge, thus ensuring a unique driving experience.

Love to drive.

Our tours:

  • Delight and relaxation
  • Three lakes tour
  • Curve hunter
  • Pass hunter
  • Go beyond your limits
  • Munich-Bozen adventure tour
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Acceleration and deceleration

After acceleration comes deceleration. Driving Experience South Tyrol has a pool of unique partner hotels in close proximity to our training locations. The absolutely fashionable 4-Star hotels are characterised by their location, their architecture, their facilities, and the culinary delights they offer to perfectly round off an impressive Driving Day.

Love to drive.

Feel good and relax:

  • Style, flair & Welcome
  • Typical South Tyrolean cuisine
  • Wellness and spa
  • Sports and training facilities
  • Large parking areas, partly with an underground car park
Hotel 1
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Hotel 3


Safety Park with integrated tech hub: Central starting point for testing and trial drives in South Tyrol

The Safety Park comprises nine sections, including a shielded test track that can be used for all kinds of testing and trial purposes. In addition, secure parking spaces with direct access to the testing area are available, along with a fully equipped vehicle workshop featuring a car lift. The offerings of the Safety Park are further enhanced by numerous meeting and conference rooms, as well as a dedicated restaurant located in the conference building.

The equipment of the Safety Park, combined with its easy integration into various Dolomite routes (short, medium, or long-distance), the diverse elevation and gradient profiles of the region, and the prevailing temperature differences, make it the ideal basecamp and tech hub for your testing needs in both summer and winter.

Love to drive.

Tech hub Safety Park:

  • Nine track sections including a shielded test straight
  • Fully equipped vehicle workshop with car lift
  • Secure privacy parking spaces with direct access to the testing area
  • Conference and meeting rooms (with vehicle access) as well as a dedicated restaurant


  • Fiber optic connection, Wi-Fi, 4G mobile network coverage
  • Maximum noise limit of 110 dB
  • Charging infrastructure: 2 x 20 kW, 1 x 44 kW, 1 x 150 kW
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Love to drive.