Enthusiasm and driving pleasure at the first pilot event of the planned collaboration with Porsche Club Germany

Driving Experience Alto Adige is seeking a collaboration with the Porsche Club Germany to enhance its visibility among Porsche clubs and their members. As part of a first pilot event, the Porsche Club Isartal-Munich was a guest at the Safety Park Alto Adige. The members of the Porsche Club were thrilled with the local facilities. An additional highlight of the event was Fabian Vettel, who was recently introduced as a brand ambassador for Driving Experience Alto Adige and led the driving trainings as an instructor. The two-day event was concluded with a touring experience, where the Porsche Club drove back to Munich through the South Tyrolean mountain roads.

As part of the strategic expansion of their sales activities, Driving Experience Alto Adige is seeking a collaboration with the Porsche Club Germany (PDC). As part of this partnership, there will be a presence in the Porsche Club Life Magazine, which is distributed to Porsche clubs and their members in Germany. The magazine has a large circulation and is available in both print and digital formats. The goal is to regularly showcase themselves to a wide audience through advertorials and event reports in the future.

The first pilot event, which will be covered in a post-event report in the Porsche Club Life Magazine, took place last May. During the event, Driving Experience Alto Adige hosted the Porsche Club Isartal-Munich (PCI) as a representative of the Porsche Club Germany in Bolzano. The PCI was one of the first Porsche clubs in Germany to experience the local conditions firsthand.

The conclusion was unanimous: The infrastructure of the Safety Park provides everything needed for a diverse driving training. The participants particularly praised the various driving and practice tracks on the premises. Our new brand ambassador, Fabian Vettel, impressed in his role as an instructor, providing valuable personal tips to enhance driving safety. The four-hour training was full of driving pleasure and enabled the members of the Porsche Club Isartal-Munich (PCI) to expand their experience in various driving situations.

The following day, the Porsche Club Isartal-Munich took advantage of the location benefits of the Safety Park for a unique touring experience. Hardly any other location offers such an ideal opportunity to combine training and touring. This is ensured by the immediate proximity to the South Tyrolean mountain roads as well as stable weather conditions throughout the year. The tour took the PCI through the Puster Valley and along the winding roads of the Niger-, Karer-, Fedaia-, Falzarego-, and Furkelpass, back to Munich. They consistently enjoyed a sensational view along the way.

Driving Experience Alto Adige is already looking forward to welcoming the next Porsche Club in Bolzano. In addition to the Safety Park, the driving experience specialist also offers its customers off-road and snow experiences in South Tyrol. For this purpose, there is a 20-hectare off-road park and a 30-hectare winter park available.

To access the report of the Porsche Club Isartal-Munich, please click here.